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JoAnne Dowd

JoAnne Dowd

What I do

JoAnne enjoys being a parent and supporting her daughter in her many activities. She and her husband restore old homes (they are on their fourth!) She has been a member of a writer’s group since 1995. They have published a book about teaching together and are working on a second.  JoAnne loves to spend time outdoors; walking, hiking, biking and swimming, and walking her black lab Duncan. JoAnne gets involved in community projects, particularly those that involve helping reduce food insecurity.

JoAnne is the new Director of Instruction and Curriculum for RSU 23. She is enjoying getting to know teachers, staff, students and parents in the district.  She is passionate about teaching and learning, and getting involved in conversations about teaching and learning practice.
JoAnne has enjoyed many roles within public education; she has been a middle and high school teacher, a teacher coach, a school coach, worked in a national school reform organization, been a national trainer, an aspirations coordinator, a building level administrator and a district curriculum coordinator.