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Marc Ballenger

Marc Ballenger

What I do

In my home town of Sanford (now the City of), I volunteer with the local sports organizations and help the Sanford Springvale Chamber of Commerce and other businesses with their technology. Previously I’ve been a Sanford Town Meeting Member, representing my district in the town as well as volunteering to help with projects. Our family has a long history of contributing back to the community and helping friends.

I have always been interested in all things technology. Learning how things work has been a hobby my entire life. Some other interests of mine include spending time with friends, sports, listening to music & watching movies as just a few.

Before coming to Old Orchard Beach, I have worn many hats working for many businesses. Some of my career is an example of adaptation, overcoming setbacks and other times success. Information Technology is industry seemingly always in flux as much as technology changes and advances. I have had to adapt to the changes in the tech industry. By being adaptive, I had the chances to learn/support different technologies and applied all of my experiences to succeed within those industries. I have been working in a school environment since 2013. I enjoy all the challenges it has presented and I use my experiences and resources to help the school district, staff, and students have success in learning.