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Current Employment Opportunities: Click here to apply at Frontline. 

The Recruiting and Applicant Learning Center article links below explain in detail what Internal and External applications are. *Please note- current and active employees: if you are applying for a new job classification you must complete an external job posting and submit all requirements of the application.

Instructions on how to apply through Frontline Applicant Tracking System: Current Employment Status / Current District

Contact Cynthia Potenza with any employment application questions.

Students who are under 16 years of age and wish to obtain a work permit, please contact Cathy Couture at Central Office (207-934-5751) for more information. There are a few steps to complete in order to start the process of obtaining a work permit.

  1. The student needs to secure a job before attempting to get a work permit from the Department of Labor.
  2. A letter or email from the employer stating that they offered the student a job, what will be their duties, and how much they will be paying that student per hour.
  3. A letter from your principal stating that you are in good standing with grades and attendance. Please email the school secretary for this information.
  4. A copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  5. Fill out and sign the work permit form and then once all of the documents are passed in to Central Office, the issuing officer will sign off on the form and email it directly to the Department of Labor for approval. Click here to download the work permit form.