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First Annual 50+ Dinner

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The first annual 50+ dinner was a big success tonight. We had one hundred people we served, all from the community. We had oldies music, a 50/50 raffle and lots of smiles, hugs, and fun!

Math Textbooks Available for Free

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Textbooks are listed by grade level. Must pick up onsite. Contact Nancy Cote if interested.

6th grade:
Prime Time: 98
Bits and Pieces 1: 62
Bits and Pieces 2: 84
Bits and Pieces 3: 126
Data About Us: 104
How Likely Is It?: 80
Covering and Surrounding: 99
Shapes and Designs: 82
Common Core Additional Investigations: 102
7th grade: 
What Do You Expect?: 259
Variables and Patterns: 113
Stretching and Shrinking: 109
Filling and Wrapping: 235
Comparing and Scaling: 49
Moving Straight Ahead: 138
Accentuate the Negative: 66
Data Distributions: 120
8th grade: 
Thinking with Mathematical Models: 72
Looking for Pythagoras: 93
Glencoe Pre-Algebra texts: 45
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